Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN 8 ports Gigabit PoE Switch


Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN Gigabit PoE switch is the component of enterprise WLAN Solutions, with 8 gigabit PoE ports, can supply power for wireless AP by cable. Supporting 802.3 af/802.3 at power supply standards, max output power is 30 W, mainly applied in middle-size and big-size wireless Wi-Fi networking.

  • Supporting IEEE802.3at(30W) standard, and being compatible with IEEE802.3af (15.4W) powered device (PD)
  • The powered device complying with the IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af standard can be automatically detected;
  • Advanced self-sensing arithmetic only supplies power for the terminal equipment with IEEE 802.3af/at standard; it is not necessary to worry about the Non-POE equipment or POE equipment with private standard being damaged;
  • Power supply priority of the port is supported; the constant power supply of the key network nodes is ensured;
  • The longest transmission distance of the power supplied by the cable is 100 meters, which can flexibly extent the network and not be restricted by the electric-power line, and easily hung up the terminal equipment such as the wireless AP and the web cam on the wall or the ceiling


Specifications of SUNDRAY Gigabit POE switch(8 ports)




DUMP PoE Switch


eight 10/100M/1000M electrical ports(eight POE ports)

Standard of power supply


PoE output power

eight ports 802.3af(15.4W)full load or four ports 802.3at(30W)power supply

forwarding rate

full speed filtration forwarding

forwarding mode

full speed storage forwarding

address table




Input power

Alternative current:90-264V ~ 50-60Hz/150W

light indicators

Power,Link/Act,POE Status

Working circumstance

operation: 0-50℃,storage: -40-70℃,0-90% no condensation




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